Monday, June 16, 2008

Fat quarters of fun

I don't think I got the sewing gene from my mom and grandma. My last project is a half-completed, almost-cute cover for Sparky's cage, which I abandoned about two years ago (I also had plans for embroidery of Sparky's name on the front, after I finished the sewing). Then we got Nina, and I realized I was never going to make TWO cage covers, so forget it!

But I still like looking at fabric, and my mom's making me a baby quilt, so it's working out well for me. (OK, I guess she's technically making the baby a quilt, but I get to pick the fabric!)

Etsy has so many cool fabrics available from its sellers, and the best part is that my mom has instructed me to get "fat quarters" (quarter-yards of fabric--I'm learning already), and I really just like saying "fat quarters." There's something supremely satisfying about getting "fat quarters of fabric."

Here's some of what we're going to use so far. It's going to be a fun modern-patchwork quilt!

"Apples and Pears" by Alexander Henry, from seller SewGoodFabrics

"Geometric" by Free Spirit and Prints Charming (haha!), from seller PlumTickledFabrics

"Hot Couturier" by Robert Kaufman, from seller PlumTickledFabrics

And this is fabric for a pillow to go on the NurseryWorks yellow rocker:

"The Drawing Room" by Anna Maria Horner, from seller PlumTickledFabrics


Anonymous said...

The apples and pears fabric is one of my favorites! I've seen it on homemade girls' dresses and such. :)

AFY said...

I love how retro-60s it's going to be! And my mom quilts... so I'm having bad flashbacks to hours and hours and hours spent in fabric stores hunting for those fat quarters :P

Rebecca Chastain said...

"Fat quarters" sound WAY more fun than anything I remember doing while I was sewing with my mom. I would always start out super excited by the patterns and imagine myself in some lovely tailored thing (okay, it was the early '90s so it was nearly always something with an enormous, pointy collar), then I'd get half way into sewing it and just want to be done. The few things I made myself were never the glam I thought they'd be. Sigh.

But I have always loved quilts and I still have several of my baby quilts that my Big Mama made for me! Every year that we've gone to the State Fair, I drag Cody by the arts and crafts building to look at the quilts and drool over the pretty ones. What a weird character quirk. :)