Monday, May 5, 2008

This rocks!

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the Beetle, other than the fact that both my selection of the car and this chair were largely based on wanting to at least have some fun when I bought both big items.

I had registered for a very comfy glider/rocker chair thing from Babies "R" Us. The black wood matched the other black wood furniture we had pointed out scanner-gun at, and after wandering around "BRU" for an hour, and in desperate need of a seat, that glider seemed pretty good to me. I waved the scan gun at the barcode listlessly while I drank some water and propped my feet up.

"You know, that chair only comes in this check/plaid-type fabric," Brad told me from the next glider over.

The chair was serviceable and available. I scanned it anyway.

I tried to overlook the gingham print that covered the cushions. Not that gingham is bad (it is downright cute in some settings!), but it doesn't exactly blend in with the tiki-meets-space theme Brad and I tend to gravitate toward in our decorations.

But I deleted that glider online as soon as the site would load once I saw...this rocking chair!

Yes, it's true, I suppose someone might have bought me the glider on the registry, and it would have saved us the money. But what would become of that glider when the baby doesn't need to be rocked any more? Or is too big to share the chair with? I couldn't envision gingham-covered puffy cushions in the living room, or the very traditional chair itself living in any room of ours but a baby's. Chucking a chair or selling it for $15 at a yard sale just didn't seem like reasonable options.

Buying this did!

OK, so maybe my view of "reasonable" isn't exactly right-on.

We got it in the lemon yellow color. I had sensible design-advice thoughts echoing in my head during online check-out: "Always buy furniture in a neutral." I scoffed. What's the point of laying out some cash for a major purchase if it doesn't give you a little thrill?

Well, I do understand a little bit more now what the point is. At least when it comes to buying online, I think the point is that you also don't have a color shock when you place your brand-new yellow furnishing next to an existing ultrasuede purple couch and a green velvet chair!

Other than possibly needing to wear sunglasses when in view of these three furniture pieces at the same time, the new chair is awesome. By the time it's ready to rock and roll into the living room, maybe by then new parenthood will have taught me to embrace the unexpected and love it even with the rainbow effect it produces. (Or maybe it will be time to get it reupholstered.)

Either way, I love the rocking chair's amazing coolness in the future baby's room, and I love that somehow I feel cooler by sitting in it. Everyone tells me that I have no idea how my life will change when I have a baby, and I have no doubt of that. Who could have predicted that even in pregnancy, I'd get so excited about a rocking chair?


Anonymous said...

Good call, Kate! My glider we got when I was pg with Dana is LAME. I'm only slightly jealous. ;) -- Brooke H.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I give up! Where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

And that would be Brooke, btw!

Rebecca Chastain said...

I love your colorful furniture! I've always wanted a purple velvet couch, and yours is so comfortable I've been coveting it since I first saw it. So if you're going to give up where you got your furniture, let me know where you go the couch!