Thursday, April 7, 2011

Backseat shade options

Hi, Beetle parents! I love getting e-mails and comments from other Beetle owners who have come across this blog. Moms who have Beetles and babies are an awesome group.

Megan posted a comment asking: Did you ever struggle with sun coming in the back side window on Henry? If so, what did you do. Normal sunshades don't seem to fit.

Megan, you're right, that was a big problem for us when Henry was little (and sometimes, it still is an issue). Sunshades don't fit at all on that small window in the back.

The only sunshade option I could think of was to get the back windows tinted or to find some sort of do-it-yourself film I could cut to size and put on the window (like this stuff: I never did it, although I am still thinking about it.

I ended up working around the shade problem by keeping a bunch of sunglasses in the car, and some hats, and stuffed animals that Henry could cover his face with if the sun was really bugging him. Not a great solution!

I did see a rear window "sun blind" on the VW Driver Gear website: I know it's not the right kind of a shade for that tiny window in the backseat, but I'll keep looking!

If anyone out there has a fix for the Beetle's backseat sun shade problem, please post your tips in the comments! Or if you've had your windows tinted or done it yourself with some sort of film covering, please post about that too.

Good luck, Megan! Let me know if you find a fix.