Friday, May 9, 2008

Babies as bumper stickers?

We were having a discussion at work a couple weeks ago that has been knocking around in my head ever since. It was about bumper stickers that are designed seemingly for the sole purpose of annoying a large amount of people.

Rebecca mentioned one she'd seen (I believe plastered on a Hummer or other very large vehicle for a suburban area) with a message to the effect of, "I use up all the gas you save driving your wimpy small car." We all groaned. I said, what purpose could there be in that sticker, other than to provoke people?

On the other hand...

I think this shirt is pretty cute.

(Shirt sold on Tiny Revolutionary, linked from Cool Mom Picks.)

I think it's adorable, but I'm not sure if I want to put it on my kid. I like its message. But is treating your baby like a bumper sticker a good idea?

I don't know. The most "bumper-sticker-ish" I've gotten so far is to register for an outfit that says, "Save the planet (I'll need it later)" printed on a onesie. But I might chicken out on that, too. For one thing, it sets up a pretty high standard for ME! I feel like if I'm not driving the Prius and using the disposable biodegradable diapers we hope to be able to use on a given day, I can't in good conscience put the kid in that outfit.

Even though I think it's a good message, there is the chance that it's a little too similar to that pro-gas-guzzling bumper sticker that fueled my ranting. I'm all for freedom of speech and for making a statement, but I can't decide if I want to see the written equivalent of a sound bite on a bumper sticker or on my own baby.

I think it's too much thought to put into a piece of clothing that is destined to get thrown up on almost immediately. I think I'll un-register for the "message" shirt and add another plain organic onesie to the list instead.


Rebecca Chastain said...

Is putting a message on your child's shirt any different than wearing one yourself? Of course, I don't think I've ever seen you in a "message" shirt, while I, on the other hand, where a "Goddess" belt and a WWF shirt that say "I'm hotter than I should be." So I guess I'd be fine with my child being a walking advertisement. In fact, if possible, I'd sell real estate, like those people that make their cars into moving billboards! Think of all the money you could make!

Kate said...

Hmm, good point. But I your "message" shirts are a little different because they're about you--they're not telling other people what you think they should be doing. Even your "global warming" themed shirt isn't actually bossing anybody around.

Now, I think I'd be fine with a baby shirt with a picture of the earth or something on it, but that is a little different than a shirt that says "Drive a hybrid." Know what I mean?

I am sure I will look back on this blog one day and wonder how I ever had so much time to ponder ethical implications of T-shirt designs! LOL