Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby room making

Brad has overwhelmed me with his unceasing energy and determination in clearing out our excess "stuff" from the house and garage. I'm really glad he's able to move heavy furniture and the like with my only "help" being to sit and point at where I want things to go. Although we definitely could have used an extra few days on our already long weekend, we finished clearing out extraneous boxes from our garage, and last night, Brad finished clearing the stuff (to donate and/or sell) out of the future baby's room!

We put the yellow chair in there, and Brad built and set up a new bookcase. The only things left in the room now are all baby related! (And am I a little scared that we have managed to fill up the the bookcase and baskets that go on it already with baby things? Yes, I am!)

But getting the space cleaned out and then put together again with a new purpose makes a huge difference. Of course, I KNOW I'm pregnant. I am reminded every minute of every day that a new person has already made his or her presence in our lives. But somehow seeing all of my favorite kids' books lined up on a new person's bookshelf made me misty-eyed (OK, I cried) in a whole new, more real and wonder-full way. (Yes, I hyphenated that to really emphasize it! What can I say, my hyphens were stiffled at work today!)

So, we've got our "Lime Granita" colored paint ready to go, and will have a bunch more to do around the house to get ready. I can't believe we'll have a new person living here soon! But it gets more believable when I go in the room we're making for the little one, and see the tiny chair I used at my grandma's house, waiting for someone new to occupy it. It's certainly been a while since I've been able to sit in it!

In the meantime, although it's way too easy to get caught up in the future, I'm trying to remember to enjoy the present. And I'm really enjoying Brad's abilities to fold baby clothes and push around a huge dresser in the same hour, and to be just as excited as I am about how lucky we are right now and to look forward, too.

(I guess this doesn't have much to do with the Beetle. Although in the spirit of sprucing up, I have been playing with the wheel finder on Big O Tires' website.)


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of you! We're nowhere near to having our house ready for the baby. Randy is such a procrastinator. Can we switch husbands for a weekend? -- Brooke H.

Kate said...

Well, you guys can procrastinate for three more months--and then you'll be in our situation! LOL

Rebecca Chastain said...

Hooray for helpful men! I can't wait to see the room all dolled up for Jr. I'm not surprised that you're filling it up so quickly with things for the baby--just wait until after the baby shower!