Friday, March 14, 2008

Secret-keeping Beetle

Our Beetle was our vault on Friday, and contained a valuable secret known only to God, the universe, and the ultrasound technician whose name I forget at the moment.

We had the halfway-point (20 week) ultrasound last Friday morning, in which Brad, me, and my mom stared at the screen in amazement for almost all of the 45-minute exam. The rest of the time the ultrasound-er told us when to look away, since Brad and I are still hoping to keep the little one's gender a surprise until it's born!

I don't know what my mom and Brad were doing to distract themselves while the big secret was being broadcast, because I had my head turned away with my eyes shut, and only occassionally opened them to peek at Brad to make sure he was peeking at my mom to make sure she wasn't peeking at the screen.

The ultrasound-er didn't help any when she kept exclaiming, "Okay, REALLY don't look right now...yup, I can definitely tell what you're REALLY don't want to look now." My eyes were actually tearing up from all the willpower it was taking me NOT to look (or to tell her to knock it off with the taunting!).

In any event, we all made it through the exam with our honor intact, and I was feeling confident and proud of us for having toughed it out. And then the ultrasound-er gave us some pictures from the one separate one, taped (with only one flimsy piece of tape) in an envelope. "Just in case you want to open it later," she said. It had "Gender!" written across it.

We couldn't decide what to do with it, but since I knew it wouldn't last long with me or my mom together all day, I hid it in the Beetle (which Brad was driving that day). And there it remained until I placed it in a drawer all by itself, still sealed shut, only with a lot more tape around the edges now.

But really, I am now more excited than ever to find out the big surprise after the baby's born. It's more than miraculous to have a baby floating around poking me from my insides--and for me, knowing the sex wouldn't make it any more miraculous. There's a whole, brand-new person in there! How could it get better than that?

But I am glad that the Beetle was the perfect secret-keeper on that very tempting first day.


Rebecca Chastain said...

--It's more than miraculous to have a baby floating around poking me from my insides--and for me, knowing the sex wouldn't make it any more miraculous.--

And would it have made it any LESS miraculous? I don't think so. Just take a peek at the picture. Do it. You know you want to. Then tell me . . . :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rebecca! Maybe she and I can look at it, then tape it back up for you. ;) - Brooke H.

Amanda said...

Halfway mark? Already? Goodness, time moves quickly! This is so exciting!

Kate said...

Patience, young grasshoppers (that's you, Rebecca and Brooke)! Now see, Amanda there understands the art of appreciating each moment for what it is: a cosmic mystery.

And besides, I'm not about to let ya'll find out and not know myself! LOL