Monday, February 25, 2008

Our new arrival: the carseat!

Finding a safe, seemingly "easy" to use, and somewhat stylish carseat was daunting. (OK, "daunting" as far as a slightly extravagant baby-related purchase can's still 90% fun!). Fortunately, I finally found one that met all of those criteria--and then it was discontinued. But, by a small but appreciated car-related miracle, it came back in stock long enough for me to buy it myself, and mark it off my own baby registry!

It arrived at work this week, and of course, I made all of my very generous and kind coworkers (thanks for reading, by the way!) admire it inside its enormous box. And then I asked the very kind and generous lone male in our group to "help me" carry it to my car, meaning I would unlock the car while he lugged the thing all the way out to it, and then lifted into the hatchback. (Thanks, John!)

Now, in Babies 'R' Us, the carseat seemed to be one of the more lightweight, not totally huge models. In its my Beetle...well, I'm not quite as convinced that this thing is going to fit! Just the box was almost a tight squeeze. Although the box is a lot bigger than the actual seat, right?

In keeping with our new pregnancy motto...we'll just have to wait and see!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Kate! Have it professionally installed asap, that way you'll know if it fits sooner rather than later. I'll bet that it fits, though. I can't imagine some infant seats fitting, and some not. :) --Brooke H.