Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beetle Mania at the Wedding

While I was flipping through our wedding albums (we've got one album of pictures from the wedding photographer, and one of candids from various attendees), looking for photos to use in the last post, I discovered a startling statistic:

We have a total of 22 photographs in our wedding albums that feature the Beetle!

I had thought my preoccupation with my car started in recent months, when faced with dauting questions like "Will a stroller even fit in the trunk?" But it seems that it's actually been going on for a while...I just didn't notice it before now!

The last picture of our wedding...and the last picture of our Beetle on our wedding day!

No time to get my nails done on the day before the wedding...I had more important things to do, like hot-gluing a veil onto my Mickey Mouse antenna topper! Hey, the Beetle had to look good, too.


ManOfSteal said...

As would be expected, I'm loving your blog! You'd think that Disney would have realized the need for bride antenna balls already, but even if they did, yours would definitely be better.

Rebecca Chastain said...

I agree with manofsteal. That's one snazzy veiled antenna ball! Plus, I love the bubbles in the shot with you and your husband driving away in the Beetle. Somehow, it makes me think of Disneyland, but maybe that's just because of the Mickey Mouse antenna topper. :)